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My name is Abdullah, I am a freelance web developper based in Vienna. My love for coding started when a close friend of mine introduced me to Python programming. Since then, programming has been my passion and there is nothing I enjoy doing more.

I code mostly for fun but achieving a great web design that makes a good impression gives me pride and fulfillment.

If you are looking for a professional web designer who will program your own homepage for you at a fair price. Homepage with a unique design that not only looks appealing on the computer, but also on any mobile device such as tablets or smartphones and much more! A dynamic website with its own administration page (admin area) so that you can easily insert, delete and edit your desired images and text.

I offer you comprehensive advice and an introduction to your new homepage, so that your new website can start right away! I am looking forward to your inquiry using the contact form! All inquiries will be processed immediately and you will receive an initial consultation from me free of charge. In the further course, I will accompany you step by step so that your vision soon becomes a reality!

  • Email: info@kroums-webdesign.at


HTML 100.00%
CSS 90.00%
PYTHON 80.00%